go for it - click me!An interactive film application following research into the rise and fall of the frame-knitting industry in the East Midlands... Start the app


This prototype video application was build in 2013 by Woody Kitson at eKit.co.uk.

The prototype uses new (at the time) HTML5 standards and will work with all major HTML5 compliant browsers on Tablets, PCs, Macs.
(Possibly not Firefox - Sorry!)

Due to the way some Small-screen devices demoand exclusive full screen for web-video, you may find interactive elements do not appear on phones.


The app presents a short film with subtle prompts to view additional associated content for specific points in the film.

The film was produced by Steve Friendship at Large Scale.

The film and app content has a focus on the Maker's Yard building in Leicester and it's role in the industry's history and Leicester's Heritage.

Additional content comes from various research, archives, Leicster City Council, Universities and museums.


The project was a component of the wider "Archives, Assets and Audiences" research project involving collaboration with the University of Leicester’s History Department.

This is one of the Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange projects part-funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council with match funding from Nottingham, Leicester and Nottingham Trent Universities.